NIPT Rhesus

Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)
from the 11th week of pregnancy


    • Completely risk-free examination for the child’s Rhesus factor
Nicht Invasiver Pränatal-Test (NIPT)

The Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) requires only a simple blood test. This makes it a completely risk-free alternative to chorionic villus sampling as well as amniocentesis for both mother and child.

NIPT involves examining the mother’s blood, which also contains the baby’s DNA. With an analysis of these fragments of the foetal genome, the risk of a genetic change in the unborn child is determined.

A NIPT variant also offers the possibility of determining the child’s Rhesus factor. This is important for pregnant women who are Rhesus negative. They should be given a vaccination with immunoglobulins in the 25th-28th week of pregnancy and after childbirth. Because the immune system of these mothers forms antibodies (so-called anti-D immunoglobulins) when it comes into contact with the blood of their Rhesus-positive child. If the NIPT test reveals that the child’s Rhesus factor is negative like the mother’s, as is the case in 40 percent of cases, no vaccination is required.

  • The findings are available approximately 14 working days after the examination.
Practical information

Corona safety measures

The highest possible Corona safety standards are our top priority. Therefore, we request that you come to the Prenatal Center only for an agreed appointment. One companion is welcome.

Invoicing and payment

After the respective examination you will receive an invoice. You can pay us by debit or credit card at your convenience.

Your ultrasound images are immediately available to you digitally

A special EDP program makes it possible to transmit the ultrasound images and video sequences to a cell phone number or an Email address of your choice by means of a secure link. Thus, if you wish, you can get the images immediately on your smartphone.

Information on twin pregnancies

Even though twin pregnancies usually proceed without major complications, they are classified as high-risk pregnancies from a medical perspective. We have compiled information on possible risks and tips for expectant mothers of twins.

Forms and information sheets

You can download forms and information sheets here.

Price list

Early ScreeningEUR 150,-
Screening 12 – Extended Combined TestEUR 250,-
(for multiples: EUR 300,-)
Screening 22 – Organ screeningEUR 250,-
(for multiples: EUR 300,-)

As a follow-up examination:
EUR 200,-
(for multiples: EUR 250,-)
Screening 32 – Wellbeing ultrasound with Doppler examinationEUR 200,-
(for multiples: EUR 250,-)

As a follow-up examination:
EUR 150,-
(for multiples: EUR 200,-)
Cervical ultrasound
(included in the organ screening)
EUR 80,-
3D ultrasoundEUR 200,-
Ultrasound package in case of medical necessity of repeated growth checks
(e.g. diabetes, previous illnesses of the expectant mother)
Depending on requirements
The non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT)
is possible from the 10+0 week of gestation and is always combined with a short ultrasound scan. If you decide in favour of an NIPT test after an examination with us you will pay EUR 100,- less.
NIPT Classic
Non-Invasive Prenatal Test
Testing for trisomy 21, 18 and 13: EUR 700,-
Gender determination on request: free of charge
NIPT Extended
Non-Invasive Prenatal Test
Testing for trisomy 21, 18 and 13 and for sex chromosomes as well as microdeletions: EUR 900,-
Gender determination on request: free of charge
NIPT Spezial
Non-Invasive Prenatal Test
Testing for trisomy 21, 18 and 13 as well as for monogenic diseases such as mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis), spinal muscle diseases, sickle cell disease, thalassemia: EUR 900,-
Gender determination on request: free of charge
Fetal antigen determination on request: free of charge

NIPT Rhesus
Non-Invasive Prenatal Test
of the child's Rhesus factor: EUR 300,-
Chorionic Villus SamplingEUR 600,-
plus costs of the desired genetic analysis
Amniocentesis EUR 600,-
plus costs of the desired genetic analysis
Genetic counselingEUR 150,-

Screening 12 + Screening 22EUR 450,-
(for multiples: EUR 550,-)
Screening 12 + Screening 22 + Screening 32EUR 600,-
(for multiples: EUR 750,-)

The costs for the above-mentioned examinations are not covered by the statutory health insurance.

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