Our Services

Our prenatal centre is equipped with its own laboratory. This makes it possible to carry out examinations completely in-house and to inform you very quickly about the results. Only a few prenatal diagnostic institutes such as ours exist throughout Austria: we also offer invasive diagnostics on site – chorionic villus sampling as early as the 12th week of pregnancy and amniocentesis as early as the 16th week of pregnancy.

Comprehensive expertise and care network for you

Pregnancy changes many things, a wide range of feelings and thoughts arise – and a very central question arises: Is my child healthy? We provide you with comprehensive information about examination methods and possible risks. We devote sufficient time to your consultation and the preparation of a care plan for your pregnancy – and give you reliable answers to all your questions.

We will inform you and your gynecologist immediately about all examination results. If any of the findings are abnormal, we will ensure that they are clarified in detail. If an abnormality is confirmed, we will discuss suitable treatment methods or options with you in detail, consult with your doctor and coordinate all necessary examinations.

In addition, our professional network is at your disposal: If you wish, we can organise examinations and treatment in other medical disciplines if there is a need for clarification or action from a prenatal diagnostic point of view.

We are also at your disposal to obtain a second opinion or a second assessment.

You can already fill out the master data sheet, the information sheets and the data protection declaration at your leisure and take them with you to the initial consultation.